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The Spiritual Atheist's Perspective
I am inviting and allowing everyone to become spiritually enlightened!

Generally speaking, a "Spiritual Atheist" is ANYONE who does not believe in
the literal existence of mythical God, but still considers his/her self to be spiritual.

Spiritual Atheism is not based on "supernatural" beliefs;
it is based on truth, wisdom, and love.

PLEASE NOTE: "Spiritual Atheism" is not a specific philosophy; it is a classification that I proposed to exist alongside "Theism" and "Atheism". Just as there are many different forms of Theism (such as Christianity and Judaism), there are many different forms of Spiritual Atheism (such as Pantheism and Buddhism). As someone interested in this topic, it is very likely that your own beliefs, theories, and speculations about existence create an unnamed personal philosophy that is a form of Spiritual Atheism. Naturally, it is extremely valuable to carefully consider a diverse array of perspectives and philosophies as you refine your own. It is with this in mind, that I offer you a portion of my own via talks, writings, and courses. For various reason, I have chosen not to specifically name my own philosophy; but, rather, to simply refer to it as a form (and example) of "Spiritual Atheism".

Although the term "Spiritual Atheist" may initially sound like an oxymoron to some, it is most definitely not. It is entirely possible to not believe in "God", and yet still be deeply spiritual.

Let's explore this idea a bit more.

Obviously, Spiritual Atheists do not believe in the existence of "God"; but, unfortunately, there are many different (and often ambiguous) ways in which the term "God" is currently commonly used. For this reason, it is critical that I clarify exactly what it is that Spiritual Atheists do not believe in. If this is not done, any inquiry such as this one will quickly become unnecessarily confused and ultimately meaningless.

For the purpose of clarifying exactly what it is that Spiritual Atheists do not believe in, "God" means "an entity who allegedly exists outside of the universe and who allegedly created and rules the universe."

I am sure that it will also be very helpful if I clarify my use of the term "the universe". In this case and context, the term "the universe" necessarily includes "everything that has ever existed, now exists, or will ever exist (including in "parallel" or otherwise)".

Now that I have explained what it is that Spiritual Atheists do not believe in, I can introduce the spiritual aspect of Spiritual Atheism.

I have been pondering the nature of spirituality for as long as I can remember. From my perspective, people tend to make this inquiry much more complicated than it actually is.

From my perspective, to be spiritual is simply to realize (consciously or unconsciously) that everything in the universe is ultimately connected (even if apparently only very subtly by a cause and effect relationship over unimaginable apparent distances in time and space); and to think, speak, and act accordingly.

Said more simply, to be spiritual is to realize that we are all infinitely and eternally interconnected; and to think, speak, and act accordingly.

It is obvious to most Spiritual Atheists that the so-called "God" that most traditional Theists worship and adore (and that most traditional Atheists reject and abhor) is actually (and ironically) a symbol (and idol) that represents the profound and mystical existence and nature of the universe itself. That is to say, that "God" is, in fact, a reference to the universe itself.

Sometimes I wonder... could it be any more obvious?

It is important to point out that if "God" was universally recognized as a reference to the "the universe itself" (and a personal name given to it) rather than a literal and external (to the universe) being, then to be an Atheist would mean that one did not believe in the existence of the universe. Obviously, this would be a nonsensical position that would render the terms Atheist and Theist equally nonsensical. Nonsense indeed!

In fact, when the majority of Theists and Atheists finally do fully realize that "God" is actually a reference to the "the universe itself"; the terms Theist and Atheist (along with the actively awakening terms Non-literal Theist and Spiritual Atheist) will begin to lose their meaning, fall out of use, and ultimately become historical references only.

Much more importantly, people will begin to see existential and spiritual truth much more easily, and begin to make ever-better choices. Said differently, people will begin to consciously polarize around genuine issues of wholistic health and disease, rather than manufactured issues that ultimately serve others' desire for profit, power, and ever-greater control at the expense of all.

Or so I hope! And I hope that day comes soon enough!

From this Spiritual Atheist's perspective, life on planet Earth is quickly being literally consumed by the results of existential and spiritual ignorance and misunderstanding.

Greed has always been a significant problem; but with our current (let alone future!) technological capabilities, it has become an inestimable threat. The life threatening and sobering truth is that greed is presently in control of old, new, hidden, and emerging technology; not love and wisdom. To make matters worse, the so-called "smart" people who are creating and evolving technology are not (yet) "smart enough" to stop what they are doing and consciously help to enlighten, liberate, unite, and empower humanity instead. (If this is you, please stop what you are doing and come join us instead! When love and wisdom prevails, we can again further empower and enrich ourselves with new technology; but, at the present time, this is an extremely dangerous and most unwise pursuit.)

Indeed, this seems to be a very precarious time in the course of our precious planet's life, and the wisdom that Spiritual Atheism offers is desperately needed.

If you would like to explore my perspective of Spiritual Atheism in more depth, please read my book entitled, Spiritual Atheism: The Way of Wisdom, as well as my newest book entitled, The Spiritual Atheist's Guide to Mystical Experiences (and how to have them).

In love, I offer you some of my thoughts about Spiritual Atheism.

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