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Courses for Spiritual Atheists
Spiritual Teacher offers Life and Relationship Teachings and Couples Classes
for those who seek truth, light, & love

Offering enlightened life and relationship teachings as well as conscious couples classes

Are you making the best and the most of your life?

Unless you are already enlightened, your perspective of your own self and the world around you is not accurate. It is this inaccuracy that prevents you from making the best and the most of your life. If your perspective is seriously distorted, you may even find yourself suffering in sadness, anger, fear, and/or loneliness. If so, you are unnecessarily hurting both yourself and those around you. On the other hand, if you tend to have a peaceful mind and a joyful heart, but feel confused, stuck, or unable to succeed; your perspective may be essentially accurate, but may not be completely accurate.

In this class, I will unmask and explain the esoteric truths that are the very foundation of true wisdom and spirituality. I will also teach a method of meditation that will allow you to discover all truth for yourself. Be prepared to see your self and the world around you like never before. Be prepared to feel alive like never before!

The Master Class offers a profound paradigm shift that, if understood and applied, will empower you in your every endeavor. In continuing classes (see descriptions below), I will apply this invaluable perspective and rare wisdom to some of the most important aspects of life and life mastery.


Spiritual Teacher offers Life and Relationship Teachings and Couples Classes
Now, let's have some fun!

The following advanced courses are only available to graduates of the Master Class. This is because these courses make use of and build on knowledge, wisdom, and skills learned in the Master Class.

The advanced courses can be taken in any order.

The Art of Healing (Learn how Reiki, EFT, energy/light healings, prayer, etc. actually work.)

Learn the ancient art of energetic healing!

No one can heal another. All true healing is self-healing. True healers merely facilitate the process. Generally, healing is the process of accepting the known past (releasing pain, anger, etc.) and the unknown future (releasing fear, worry, etc.) in combination with the process of forgiving all that has caused the past to be and all that has, or will, cause the future to be. In this class, I will teach you an extremely powerful way to heal your own self and facilitate the healing of others.


The Art of Happiness (Inner Peace)

Learn the esoteric art of true happiness!

We all want to be happy. Our dreams and desires are what we believe will make us happy. They are the very motivation of life itself; in fact, energetically, they are life itself. Unfortunately, our beliefs are not always in alignment with the truth. To make matters worse, they are also very often in direct, or indirect, conflict with each other. Even so, true and enduring happiness (inner peace) is possible. In this class, I will teach you how to live as happily and peacefully as you desire.


The Art of Conscious Intuition (Inner Guidance)

Learn the ancient art of psychic intuition!

After finally arriving at a place of peace, presence, wholeness, and balance; something extremely amazing (although easily explained) begins to happen - the natural development of extrasensory perception (ESP). Would you like to have your own personal guide for the adventure of life? Your own intuition is the most reliable guide you could ever have. In this class, I will teach you how to access, understand, and make the most of your own intuition and inner guidance.


The Art of Conscious Manifestation I (Fundamental Magick)

Learn the ancient art of intentional manifestation!

We all have the power to be, have, and do infinitely more than most people realize. In this class, I will teach you the fundamental laws of nature as they relate to becoming, having, and doing all that you desire. I will also teach you how the fundamental laws of nature provide extremely powerful incentives for purifying your intentions. As the wise ones say, "Be careful what you wish for."


The Art of Conscious Manifestation II (Intermediate Magick)

Learn the ancient art of sympathetic magick!

Almost everyone consciously practicing "intentional manifestation" will sooner or later be confronted by, and curious about, natural, sympathetic, ritualistic, ceremonial, and other forms of magick. All such magick is, indeed, an application of various laws of nature; but very often the most fundamental laws of nature are not taken into account. This is a great misfortune not only for the "manifester", but for "all that is". In this class, I will teach you advanced techniques for causing change (intentional manifestation) as well as essential practices for remaining pure. The depth of your purity is the depth of your alliance with all that is "good". As the wise ones say, "With great power comes great responsibility."


The Art of Life Mastery

Discover the life you want to live!

In this class, I will teach you how to continuously organize, prioritize, and improve every aspect of your life. Although money, love, and health tend to get the most attention, every aspect is equally important. In this class, I will offer you an abundance of practical wisdom. Be prepared to learn more than you expect.


Your Life Purpose

Discover your true life purpose!

It is a truly awesome feeling to be doing the great work of helping to create a better world. Unfortunately, people often struggle for many years before they finally discover their personal life purpose. In this class, I will lead you through a series of exercises and activities that will naturally reveal the purpose of your life. Your personal contribution to co-creation of an ever-better world is more important than you likely realize. The world is waiting for you!




Empowering those who don't believe in God, but do believe in Love!

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