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Soren Sorensen is one of the best life coaches ever!
Life Coaching Client Testimonials

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"Soren helped me envision what I want in all aspects of my life and taught me effective techniques to deal with my anxiety that I still use today. He has an incredibly grounded and nurturing approach."
- Lynda A. (Los Angeles, California, Environmental Researcher)

"I have been so influenced by your guidance that I've thought about becoming a life coach myself, eventually. What you do is contagious, not just because I've "caught it," but because I've passed it on to others inadvertently just by being myself and inspiring people."
- Rochelle M. (Portland, Oregon, Artist/Musician)

"I've seen many counselors throughout my life, however, I feel that Soren is the one person that has finally gotten through to me. I thought I was a "lost cause", but with Soren's help I have been able to better forgive myself and accept things for what they have been and for what they are now. I have begun to feel that I can create a better today and the kind of future that I am just now beginning to allow myself to have. I have been making HUGE changes in my life, with Soren's help and guidance, that I hadn't been able to do before. His insight, intuition, and honesty go beyond traditional counseling methods."
- Karmen G. (Portland, Oregon, Mother and Student)

"When the universe brought Soren into my world, I was in a state of confusion, uncertainty, and completely lacking focus. I was pretty much all over the map. With Soren's guidance, I was able to discover the most important things in my life and leave what I didn't need behind. And it's amazing how life runs so much smoother now that my "soul load" has been lightened. Soren assisted me in a very compassionate and loving manner and he sincerely cared (and still does) about how I was doing. I can't thank him enough for him holding a "flashlight" while I worked in the dark corners of my mind and my life, locating the truth and gathering up the tools that where with me the whole time. Because of Soren, I am now swiftly moving to where I always wanted to be... being happy where I am!"
- David W. (Portland, Oregon, Filmmaker)

"You have aided me greatly in my quest to know myself and to be truthful and real and loving. Thank you, thank you!"
- Katie M. (Portland, Oregon, Singer/Songwriter)

"I've never felt a deeper, more trusted connection with a healer or life coach than I do with Soren. His bottomless well of patience, compassion, and devotion to my emotional and spiritual rebirth has woven a safe place to cradle my vulnerability and fears as I learn from him how to see, through divine eyes, the beauty of who I truly am. I am deeply grateful to him."
-Wendy A. (Lodi, California, Hypnotherapist)

"Each time I leave a session with Soren, I feel as if I'm in an inspired afterglow. He is compassion-focused, nonjudgmental and offers invaluable skills to find fulfillment in every aspect of my life. He has shifted my life-focus to always making decisions that nurture my soul, so that I can take confident steps towards the change I envision for myself. It's as if he is teaching me to become fluent in his fine-tuned language for self-empowerment, of which I find myself excitedly speaking to everyone around me."
- Renee M. (Portland, Oregon, Singer/Songwriter)

"A non-religious person myself, 'spiritual' is a broad term that made me wary before my first session with Soren-- a self-described 'spiritual life coach.' But Soren is not an agenda-pusher. In the many sessions I've had with Soren, I have enjoyed practical, job-related advice, philosophical discussions about the universe, effective ways to deal with conflict, logical means to finding personal happiness, and more. I am comfortable speaking to him about whatever is on my mind. But the biggest thing I've taken away from my experiences with Soren is the concept of discovering my personal truth. This shift of perspective in my life has been monumental and has given me a clearer compass when it comes to making life decisions."
- Rochelle M. (Portland, Oregon, Artist/Musician)

"Thank you so much for the help you gave me so many years ago. You helped to start an incredible change in me. It's so good to be me now. Thanks again!"
- Cori C. (Portland, Oregon, Physical Therapist)

I came to you in sorrow and confusion amidst the foggy direction of my life. I now share your understandings with others who I work with and with my friends, along with continuing to practice the balance of appreciating what I have while working toward what I want, joy!
- Erin P. (Portland, Oregon, Social Worker)

"Thank you so much for all your help. You really are an amazing individual!"
- Lynda A. (Los Angeles, California, NGO Researcher)

"I want to thank you for your contribution to my latest miracle and tell you how much I treasure and trust the role you play for me. This last bit of advice was not the first time you had to tell me something painfully truthful. Thank you for being strong enough in yourself and spirit to be the messenger to steadfastly deliver the side of the message that brings radical change.

I have to comment on the gift that you impart when you dispense your advice. Unlike anyone else I've met, your advice not only completely covers the conscious level, but you so thoroughly are able to go so much deeper and spontaneously shift the subtler levels of consciousness. I am quite well practiced by now at shifting my own subconscious, but it takes intention, repetition, and ultimately time.

So, when I find myself instantly and completely integrated with your message of surrender, gratitude and setting intention from this platform, I am amazed and very grateful. Not only do your words still resound through my consciousness, I have truly and spontaneously shifted into the direct experience. Mind you, I've been trying to nail these concepts down for myself with varying successes and failures for about 11 years.

Utlimately, words really don't express how radically that simple, direct and powerful conversation we'd had just over a month ago has positively changed me on all levels. You have given me a gift that cannot be taken away and doesn't diminish, only grows stronger with time--without my even having to be conscious of it or nurture it. I'm sure you can feel the powerful gratitude in my heart to make up for any limitation that language poses on my feedback. I am in awe of your gift and so glad that spirit is responding to your intention to touch many lives."
- Kim T. (Park City, Utah, Nutritional Chef)

"The teacher crosses the path when the student is ready, and I found you waiting at the crossroads of a very important juncture of my path. Your clarity of mind, generosity of spirit, patience, and true kindness demonstrated to me a new way of perceiving the world and being in the world. Mostly, you demonstrate that by being true to oneself, gifts are offered to everyone. On one hand, I feel fortunate that you came into my life, but that suggests a random lucky coincidence. More strongly, I believe the encounter was inevitable, called forth by the divine. Thank you for being open to being called forth."
- Sarah (Portland, Oregon, Student)

I just wanted to thank you. Even though I don't see or talk to you as often as I used to, you are still an important force in my life; I continue to think about all I've learned from our sessions. Since I met you, not even a YEAR ago, my life has become much more true to who I am. I love living life this way and enjoy the magical rewards that seem to come my way when I dare to be who I want despite outside pressures.
- Rochelle M. (Portland, Oregon, Artist/Musician)

"I came to Soren from a place of frustration and confusion that had its roots in much suffering. It was my original intention to find a way to better balance the different aspects of my life, primarily the conflict I felt as mother and as a person who had her own interests separate to that of motherhood. I knew from the first time I met with him that he was the right person to help me through this fog, but I did not know what form it would take. Nor did I foresee the necessary excavation of the deep, dark parts of me that were in need of healing that I was too afraid to explore alone (although I speak of this in past tense, this work is ongoing). His ability to be completely present, to shine his light on those deep and dark parts, willingness to field question after question, patience to explain concepts again and again (and again!) until I understood them, and ultimately, his unconditional acceptance that provided a safe space for exploration have all allowed me to begin the healing process. He gave me ever more support during some more difficult periods of this journey, guiding me out of the dark places I had lost myself in, for which I'm truly grateful. All of these qualities have also provided a model for me to be all these things for others who need them, which I am now more free to be. I have seen, since I began this work, not only how much a more connected, present, and loving mother I've become, but also a more whole person, with more clarity and joy of being."
- Maria V. (Portland, Oregon, Professional Baker and Mother)

"I often reflect on what my life may have been like if you hadn't helped me. The impact of our work together is still rippling dramatically. Thank you so much!"
- Kim T. (Park City, Utah, Nutritional Chef)

"I would like to thank you, Soren, for truly helping me during a difficult time. You have given me tools to use for the rest of my life. I received so much from working with you, and I wish you all of the blessings you give to so many others every day."
- Angela J. (Seattle, Washington, Student)

"Soren provided the much-needed catalyst to get me out of being "stuck". I realized I was repeating the same old thoughts and patterns and therefore not getting new results. I read inspirational and self-help books regularly, but it was my sessions with Soren that created the ability to make better decisions and to take improved action in my life. It's as if I was a broken record stuck on the same spot, then the needle was lifted and put back down where the song could resume playing. The combination of guidance, creating a 'life book', and reiki (energy work) are quite progressive and magical."
- Dounea (Portland, Oregon, Real Estate Agent)

"Thank you very much! I really enjoyed meeting with you and feel like you asked the questions I needed to be asked in order to focus my thinking. You truly have a gift."
- Lynn (Portland, Oregon, Executive Secretary)

"I have never had a spiritual life coach (before now). It is very important work, and I'm sure you probably know that you are creating positive energy--energy that will continue to create more good far and wide. Thank you for helping me give birth to this new way of being in the world."
- Ellen C. (Portland, Oregon, Activist)

"Thank you for the EPIC discussion at our first meeting. It was a lot to digest, but certainly made an impact."
- Lia (Portland, Oregon, Singer/Songwriter)

"Soren has a rare and refined talent for helping people separate the wheat from the chaff, for swiftly getting to the essence of what calls to them... and then helping them answer that call. I spent over a decade searching for meaningful work, often depressed or frustrated and always unable to commit to a career. Then I began to work with Soren, and after 3 brief sessions I knew what I wanted to do with my life. His talent is remarkable and I am forever grateful. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone seeking clarity or results in any facet of their life."
- Amanda M. (New York City, New York, Professional Humanitarian)

"Thanks again for your help with all of this (Career Transition). I never thought I'd be in this space so soon - and I frequently wondered if I ever would. Thank you so much for offering your huge talent. YOU ARE FABULOUS!"
- Amanda M. (New York City, New York, Professional Humanitarian)

"Soren, you are truly a gifted healer and teacher."
- Stacey P. (Portland, Oregon, Montessori Teacher)

"I have had some amazing experiences practicing your wisdom of acceptance, etc. I visit that wonderful conversation we had about those elements that comprise co-creation just about every day, which means that you are very fondly & frequently remembered! I'm sure it comes as no surprise to you that I consider myself a new person in attitude from practicing along those lines--which makes life all the more wonderful. Great stuff indeed!"
- Kim T. (Park City, Utah, Nutritional Chef)

"Working on yourself is not always easy and not always fun; but when you have a stimulating vision of where you are going and can look back occasionally and see how much you have grown, it is an exhilarating experience! Especially when you are working with a Life Coach as dynamic as Soren. He is genuine, intelligent, intuitive, spiritual, kind-hearted and the most incredible person I have ever met. I am so grateful to have been able to work with Soren."
- Marie M. (Seattle, Washington, Professional Sales)

"I had worked for a bank loyally for 8 years and without warning I was terminated when I was 8 months pregnant. This was a huge emotional blow for me and it left me feeling empty and eventually very angry. I harbored anger toward this company for 3 years. I could not even think of the company without my blood pressure raising a few points. Soren used 'subtle energy' techniques (specifically EFT) to help me release this anger. One session and I was back to my old happy carefree self. It has been over one year now, and I still have no ill feelings toward this company. Soren is truly gifted in helping others to become the best that they can be. Thank you Soren for your help and inspired work!"
- Sue M. (Denver, Colorado, Insurance Agent)

"After more than two years of struggling to learn to play guitar with various teachers, I met with Soren. In less than one hour he gave me the motivation and ability I needed to realize my dream BY BEING MY OWN TEACHER. That was six months ago. Since that time I have progressed at an AMAZING rate, and I am still highly motivated and improving my skills every day. Thanks, Soren, for giving me the boost I needed. I LOVE playing the guitar!"
- Spencer S. (Salt Lake City, Utah, Retired)
(NOTE: I do not teach guitar lessons! This is as an example of self-empowerment.)

"Without Soren, I would not be where I am today - nor would I understand myself and others like I do."
- Michelle M. (Seattle, Washington, Makeup Artist)

You can help inspire others by sharing your experiences!

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