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1) Strange To Be Alive

2) My Curse On Earth

3) Christian Girl

4) My Secret Preservation

5) Forsaken And Emerged

6) Every Magician's Dream

7) She Dances With Fire

8) The End Of The Sky


Soren created Requiem in 1993. This was the second band that Soren sang in (the first one being Imaginary Friends in 1991). This recording is a very rough and slightly overdriven two track recording of the band rehearsing for their first public performance, which would be at a house party later that same night. Some may notice and appreciate confirmation that, indeed, Soren was suffering from a very serious head cold and sore throat that night. But please don't worry; he is feeling much better now! :-)

Soren says: I created Requiem out of a personal lamentation of what I saw as "the loss of life among the living". Although we did perform on a few rare (not enough!) occasssions, this band never really got off the ground. It's a shame, because the music was going in a very interesting (to me anyway!) direction.


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