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If you enjoy listening to my music, I'd love to know which songs and why.

I put both CD's on as my CD player plays 5 at a time and they have mostly stayed on ever since. I like them very much and often have one of the songs going though my head when I'm working. I really like Soren's voice. Vocals are important to me. I hope Soren will carry on creating.
-Jaq, 7/14/03

Totally GREAT CD, I must say I like it even more than The Dying Man! It sounds much more instinctive.. Not constructed in studio... And Soren's voice sounds much more powerful and intense!! Great job!
-Sasha, 7/14/03

Soren's songs are amazingly well arranged, produced and performed. Cipher it's just great, definetely I think he's going on the right path.
-X, 6/20/03

I listened to a few acoustic songs. Beautiful beyond words. She Dances with Fire is amazing. I greatly appreciate this opportunity to hear some of the finest music I have heard since I was a child. I will be sure to introduce it to many of my friends.
-Phear, 6/19/03

I truly enjoyed your (Utah Dark Arts Festival) performance. It was my intention to leave early... but you kept me riveted for the whole thing. It was very impressive that you were able to do that with just you and a guitar!
-Kelly, 6/19/03

I'd like to add that this is one of the kewlest music websites I have ever visited... most brilliant and clever and considerate of the fans. My Admiration grows.
-Jett, 6/4/03

Just have to share! I had the great pleasure of attending the Colorado Dark Arts Festival on Sunday and seeing Soren perform! I still am unable to find the words to describe the experience. To say it was incredible, beautiful and amazing is an understatement! It was just Soren and his acoustic guitar! The new songs are astounding. I think my favorites are The Immortal Myth, She Dances With Fire and Arrival. It's hard to choose actually because they were all so intense and powerful.
-JoAnn, 5/28/03

I received Soren's CD and it is amazing.
-Sondra, 5/20/03

I just want to say your a good artist and your house is Very weird - but very cool.
-Cory, 4/16/03

Soren is such a wonderful songwriter, composer, and musician, and now, a friend!! I loved the cd....
-MN, 4/1/03

I appreciate the humor that you write with, that you enjoy life in all of its manifestations. It warms my heart to know that there are people on this world that have as much soul as you, and know how to project it into all things that they do. For this, I thank you.
-Zenith, 3/15/03

I am impressed with your thoughts and theories. You ever read something that just felt right, like the way a leggo clicks in place? That's the way I feel when I read your articles. I hope you continue to inspire and express, you are a beautiful soul and a magnificent creature.
-J, 2/17/03

Thank you Soren for your music! It's inspiring! Your music reminds me of the principles I've been reading in the Conversation with God books by Neale Donald Walsch. I feel that I've been taking a similar path to yours over the years, rejecting religious fundamentalism for the punishing, vengeful god it promotes, and instead creating a new loving relationship with God that is in all things. Thanks for creating music that is so needed by all of us today so that our world will exist tomorrow!!!
-Sherri, 2/11/03

You are indeed a talented artist...your words are haunting, ethereal and majestic to say the least...thank you for giving me the opportunity to add your music to Dark Moon Rising.
-Elaine, 1/22/03

i think this is beautiful. i need a cd :)
-Scaree, 1/18/03

I enjoyed listing to the music available on your web site ­ I find many of the themes in your song resonate with me and I am glad to have found them. I also enjoyed reading your “My thoughts” section. Your music is a great inspiration for those of us willing to explore our own pain and find meaning beyond the mind-numbing drone of the status quo.
-Christina, 1/17/03

I just started listening to your music... pretty kewl.
-Adam, 1/17/03

I absolutely love your cd. I am very impressed... great stuff. I am honored to have it! Any news on your upcoming tour?
-Mary-Nicole, 1/9/03

I received the CD'S and i just can't get it out of my CD player!!!... this is the kind of music i always love and it comes like a whisper!!!
-J-P, 1/6/03

Pretty cool! Your voice sounds sort of like Morrison's or maybe the guy from the Cult!?
-Jeff, 1/6/03

The music is absolutely great! The guys that work in the shop here have quite enjoyed it as well. The music is "awakening" to me, is about the best way to describe it. By awakening, I mean it makes one think in differing ways than the mold has told us.
-Neal, 1/2/03

(Your music is)kind of like Francis Bacon's art--it shocks the senses,but has an underlying beauty to it.
-Robert, 1/1/03

(Your music is) sad and insightful. Can't Wait For The Next Album.
-Dan, 12/16/02

i LOVE track 5!! (your music is)dark, powerful, and thoughtful.
-Alison, 12/13/02

I hope to hear more. Very good and very interesting stuff. I listen to it often. "I am the sculpture I want you to study me. I am the mystery I want you to solve me." My favorite lyrics on the cd. Give us more...if ya please.
-Steve, 12/13/02

Kinda funny how I came across your site. I am in the U.S. Army (Bomb Squad) currently deployed to Kosovo and had a team out taking care of a situation. I had a lot of time sitting around answering phone calls and such and I found this purely by accident and downloaded a player to hear your song. It really is great - Power and energy without the abrasion (and I love heavy music)!
-Neal, 12/1/02

I just listened to your disc, and found it nothing short of amazing. "The Devil's Fault" is probably my favorite. Your disc as a whole is a beautiful work. The songs you've written are heavy with meaning. Your musicianship is also well done. You should be proud of your work... you'll reach those in a way that others cannot.
-Les, 11/30/02

The entire disc is excellent.(your music is)Dark, but not goth. Intelligent and Probing.
-Henry, 11/23/02

I just wanted to write and say that I was really impressed with your cd. I had no idea what the cd was about when i purchased it, or whether there had any other meaning behind the music at all. Every now and then i'll purchase a cd that i've never heard of just to see if i like it, because sometimes listening to what everyone else listens to just gets boring. I just thought that you were like any other musician out there who writes about hard times, about falling in love, falling out of love, the same bullshit. Yours ... is different. Religion is something that only causes people to hate each other for reasons which we don't even know are true, and every one has this opinion, this idea of what God and Hell is all about. We don't even know what's "supposed to be", and so we separate ourselves into groups, thinking that THIS is the right way, and yours is wrong. But can we honestly step back and say that religion has done us something good? How? when wars have started because of it. how? when people have killed because of it? Religion is evil.... i like that.
-Crystal, 11/20/02

Keep on your GREAT work!
-Deatheux, 11/19/02

i love the cd very much
-Joanna, 11/19/02

Great CD. I thought he sounded quite a lot like Nick Cave.
-Dave, 11/18/02

I love this CD!! I can't wait for Soren's second album :)
-Viola, 11/18/02

Great album!
-Andreas, 11/17/02

Unique and interesting music and philosophy.
-Eric, 11/17/02

*****Great, interesting music.
-Willa, 11/15/02

Good stuff!Very interesting CD!
-Steven, 11/14/02

It is impressive, indeed.
-Neil, 11/12/02

Record of the year!
-Sandra, 11/10/02

I have been listening to my new "soren" cd, and I like it. I am happy with my purchase....It is truly original, and I like the lyrics. My absolute favourite bands are still Marilyn manson, Alien Sex Feind, christian Death, David E. Williams, and The Electric Hellfire Club. however, Soren has earned a place in my cd collection, and I will promote this cd to all of my freinds.
-Gabriel, 11/7/02

I am from Germany. I never heard of you but your music i think is very good. I love melodic music! My favourite style is Deathmetal and Goth.
-Christian, 11/6/02

I recieved my cd yesterday... thank you very very much.. I am enjoying it already... once again.. thank you...
-Alyssa, 10/30/02

The CD totally rules!
-Sahara, 10/23/02

i received the darling little package with the soren cd, and left gushing. the gargoyle and i agree that soren rocks (t'aint enough iconoclasts in the world, we say)
-Lori, 10/23/02

I love the CD.
-Jeremy, 10/23/02

i LOVE the disc
-Cole, 10/22/02

excellent cd!!!!!!!!!! look forward to future releases
-Brian, 10/22/02

I have been listening to "the dying man" the last few days, great work!
-Tom, 10/21/02

I received the CD and really like it
-Joe, 10/19/02

I'm happy that I found Soren, one man like me.
-Flavius, 10/19/02

I would like to say i am very happy about the overall CD. The music is very interesting. One could even say that Soren creates a small world for his listeners to better convey his ideas. I can relate to his ideas (both musicaly and lyrically) quite easily.
-Michael, 10/16/02

I left some time pass, and listened to your CD again. Now I can really say it's B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!
-Sacha, 10/15/02

It is so very refreshing to hear music that has so much depth and meaning..not to mention beautiful vocals.. :)
-Serephina, 10/14/02

Your sound is a wonderful re-awakening.................
-Serephina, 10/12/02

I just got your cd a couple of days ago and have been listening to it almost non stop. I must admit that at first I wasn't very impressed but I had to keep listening to really get as much as I could from it. Now I love your cd!!! The Devil's Fault is totally my favorite song and the music on that song is just AWESOME. Although I'm not willing to call you my favorite artist yet, you definately have another fan and support from Sacramento, CA.
-David, 10/11/02

I have just recieved your album. I loved it. I have visited your web site . I really like it . I played some of your album for some of the guys at work and it intrigued them . Well, I just thought I would drop you a line .
-Dan, 10/11/02

WOW! I'm pretty picky about music and I am really impressed. I'm not just saying that because you seem pretty cool. Your CD is truly one of the most impressive things I've heard in a long time. If I were you I wouldn't worry about being virtually unknown for long.
-Tom, 10/8/02

i only recently discovered your music, believe it or not because i was in a "goth" chat room on aol and saw your name listed in someones profile, so i went to kazaa and checked it out, loved it, and just ordered your new cd. anyway, been checking out your website and its amazing...well, i can't wait to get your cd and hear it.
-Cole, 10/8/02

I can't get over how much your songs sound like jim morrison's voice and his type of lyrics. its almost scary.
-Cheryl, 10/8/02

i did quite enjoy your cd. it reminded me of a sort of love like blood meets nosferatu situation.
-David, 10/2/02

I just got your CD "The Dying Man" in the mail and loved it!! I just had to come out and tell you. Got any others?
-Jen, 10/2/02

I am thrilled that you have created this CD! I am also inspired!
-Cindy, 10/1/02

I received and listened to your fact 5 times...I love it!!!
-John, 9/30/02

I recieved the your album on friday. I popped it into the cd player right away and i loved every single one of the songs!
-Becca, 9/30/02

I'm pretty picky about what I listen to and your project is one of the best that I have stumbled upon lately.
-Tom, 9/30/02

Soren's music is excellent.
-Brent, 9/27/02

(I have been listening to your CD) and I have to say it was quite a surprise! Now I can really say that the few "new" goth groups that really make something interesting, are all from USA (you together with Faith & The Muse and Cinema Strange!)
-Sacha, 9/26/02

i got the cd yesterday! its fuckin awesome! thanx so much! its great!!!!
-Mina, 9/26/02

your songs are mostly like voltaire(whose music I like)..but without the walty element..still deciding which song I like the also kinda sound like the newest cassandra complex album..
-Robert, 9/25/02

The album is breathtaking! "The Dying Man" had me in tears. It is a true thing of beauty. Thank you for offering it to the world.
-Michael, 9/24/02

I think the Soren CD is great!! We have played two songs off of it so far (on our radio program). I can't wait to hear more of Soren's material so we can expose our listeners to more great music.
-Theresa, 9/22/02

`The Dying Man` is an amazing cd. I`ve been passing the word on this one.
-Alan, 9/21/02

Just a very special person could made such a music. Maybe I see you sometime in another world much better then this.
-F., 9/20/02

A truly stirring CD!
-Greg, 9/18/02

I am thoroughly enjoying the cd. It is very pleasurable to listen to.
-Desarae, 9/17/02

I like where your art takes me.
-Weeping, 9/17/02

Hello. I just happened to be flipping through an issue of the Gothic Beauty Magazine and I found an add for your music. I decided to log on and check out your music. I read through some of your lyrics and plan to finish reading them all (since they all are so good (: ). I literally just got done downloading the full version of Sacrifice and listened to it. For the first 1 1/2 all I thought was wow this is really good. I don't know whether it was the sound of your voice, the power that I the music gave to the song or the words of the song...but by the end of the Sacrifice, I was crying. This is a thing that happens to me only on a very rare occasion! I was left speechless!
-Becca, 9/15/02

You're lyrics are quite nice. I particularly like the lyrics from the song Cipher. The lyrics and music for that song are very strong. I like it.
-Dave, 9/15/02

Your CD is excellent! I am _VERY_ pleased by your CD! I've been listening again and again!! Happy to have it, and will eagerly await future work. THANK YOU.
-Greg, 9/14/02

I love your website and your music, I'm gonna order your cd when I get a chance. Keep up the great work. One gains knowledge through words and music.
-Rio, 9/14/02

I finished listening to the tracks availible....I dug 'em.
-John, 9/14/02

This is a really brilliant album.
-Frank, 9/13/02

I am impressed.
-Robert, 9/12/02

My name is Flavius from Romania and I like very much your music. I am desperate for the great sound of your music. You play very clear and sound great!
-Flavius, 9/11/02

Keep up the excellent music!
-Nick, 9/10/02

I like it... sort of an old school feel.
-John, 9/10/02

Your CD is awsome. You have a sort of Mission UK and Love & Rockets sound going on.
-Oliver, 9/10/02

Your music is great.
-Donald, 9/7/02

Wow what an opening line 'Do you hide your wrinkled hands so I can't see the ropes that keep them bound' (from "Sacrifice"). I like it a lot and would be interested in interviewing you for my website after I get a broader idea of you work. It reminds me very much of Souixsie/The Creatures musically and more along the lines of Type O Negative and Sisters Of Mercy vocally. The lyrics are unique but sorta remind me of the style 16 volt uses, very fluid and poetic, not the rigid chorus-verse chorus-verse. Well Wow, I love the stuff! Keep at whatever it is that inspires this, it's good stuff.
-J., 9/6/02

-Jim, 9/5/02

I am listening to one of your songs now. It is very soothing in a way.
-Erik, 9/5/02

I've been reading through the lyrics and I can say that I like the feel and the message they give off.
-Teter, 9/4/02

I listened to a few (of your) songs, and I must say that I like!
-Kaesha, 9/4/02

I recently acquired 'The Dying Man', and I'm impressed with not only your vocals, but the thought that has gone into your lyrics. I was wondering, perhaps, what exactly inspired you to create the song 'Beautiful For You' - I have read and re-read the description on the insert, but I sense something much more... I appreciate your talents and insight, and would also appreciate any additional input, your influences, etc.... I look forward to future releases, as I think that the mainstream crap that is out there currently is of little or no artistic or creative value (a personal opinion, of course), and wish you the best of luck in your musical endeavors... thanks again for offering a quality experience thru music; there's a magic to thought, primarily 'between the lines' thinking...
-Dan, 9/3/02

Great CD!
-Trevor, 9/3/02

Your music is really amazing! I really enjoyed reading what you wrote at your website as well. Not many "really amazing" things seem to come about in Knoxville, TN, so I would like to invite you.
-Desarae, 8/31/02

Your music is orgasmic!
-Desarae, 8/30/02

I have got the CD and am enjoying it a lot!
-Claire, 8/29/02

Great CD. I'm glad I bought it. I love it already!
-Patricia, 8/27/02

I love the CD! Thanks!
-Shelley, 8/27/02

I am definitely enjoying the cd!
-Matthew, 8/20/02

I really love the CD and all of the other items included. Especially the chocolates (they were great) and the little black rose. It was a real surprise. The CD is great. To me it's like a mixture of the 'cranes' and 'depeche mode'. Both of them are bands I like. The Dying Man is already one of my favourite cd's. Love to you and all the people you love.
-Roggers, 8/19/02

Dude, you fucking rock! I want to join your band.
-Robb, 8/18/02

Well, I received my Soren CD yesterday and I cannot even begin to find words to express just how impressed I am! The only word that keeps running through my head is ""WOW!"" and that doesn't even come close. It has been YEARS since a new artist has come along who's music just delved right into my heart and soul. I don't want to sound like a cliche, but Soren's voice is absolutely beautiful. It just encompasses this incredible array of emotions: hurt, passion, empathy, strength. He hits those low notes so perfectly and his diction is outstanding! Anyhow's I am rambling...point being THANK YOU SO MUCH, I LOVE IT!!!
-JoAnn, 8/17/02

Just an hour ago your CD arrived and I'm just listening to it the second time. One word: beautiful. In fact I have goose-gimples while I'm writing to you. My first thought was "Sounds a bit like Death in June". It also reminds me of Faith & The Muse, The Cure and also a little bit of Jim Morrison. (If a comparison is allowed, as every musician is unique!)
-Marc, 8/13/02

Please have Soren come to Telluride!!!
-Matthew, 8/8/02

You've got a cool voice for your style! I haven't had a chance to listen to much of it; but I like what I have listened to so far. It's definitely good!
-Amy, 8/7/02

Soren is a great musical artist with an important message.
-Ed, 8/6/02

I got your CD today and I am so happy! It is absolutely amazing!
-Donna, 8/5/02

"OH MY GOD"!!!!!! Your album is amazing. You have such a voice! The music is beautiful, truly beautiful.
-Tiffany, 8/5/02

I totally loved the cd! I gave it to my friend Michelle. She also agrees. I love the music you have created in the background and you have a great voice. I can see a lot of folks out there digging these tunes. I really am amazed at how one person can put these songs, voice and instruments together.
-Jessica, 8/4/02

The music is very good, and reminds me of other darkwave and goth cds that I have. You had an extremely quick turnaround on the order, as I got the CD within a couple days of ordering it online.
-Rob, 8/3/02

I have listened to your cd twice so far. I am impressed!
-Sherrie, 7/31/02

I found your music to be very interesting. You claim to be in pain and yet your philosophy and lifestyle is commendable. I share many of your ideas about life and religion. I agree that religion is the cause of many attrocities in life and strongly feel that the scriptures were altered by man inorder to control society. As Tori Amos says, "Well I think The Good Book is missing some pages... and when they say take of his body I think I'll take from mine instead".
-Justin, 7/22/02

I like you music! Great guitar work.
-Jason, 7/17/02

Your music is absolutely amazing and your voice is just incredible!
-Donna, 7/16/02

I got your beautiful CD. It's great material, and I've already listened to it twice. Keep on bringing your ecstatic music!
-Peter, 7/14/02

I've downloaded the three songs you have on your website and they are wonderful! They are different from what I've heard. Your music touches a subject I can relate with, and that means a hell of a lot to me. Keep making songs!
-Liz, 7/5/02

I really like your web site. Your music touched me, especially the song about you in your room. You have a voice that touches the soul and makes it feel free, something that I long to feel. Thank you.
-Amber, 7/4/02

I have just been listening to your music and I like it a lot! You seem to have something new in your style that I haven't heard before. I believe I hear a touch of my old personal favorite from the 80's, "Ultravox" and maybe a small slice of "Human League" but in a heavier, more modern edition. Keep it up!
-Soren (another Soren), 7/3/02

In a word, I love your music. Actually, I guess that's four words.
-Mark, 7/2/02

If you enjoy listening to my music, I'd love to know which songs and why.


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