Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends


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1) One With Wings

2) Everything For You

3) My Secret Preservation

4) Deep Blue Sky (The Void)

5) The Truest Words Ever Spoken


Soren created Imaginary Friends in 1991. Although he had previously played guitar and bass guitar in a few other bands, this was the first time he had ever sang in one. Some may also find it interesting to know that this recording was made in a basement studio on an eight track recorder.

Soren says: I created Imaginary Friends in order to learn to sing while playing guitar. We started off performing only cover songs; but soon added several original songs to the set list. Several members of the band were not interested in performing original music; so, after just a few short months of performing (at Pizza Pubs mostly), I dissolved this band in order to create Requiem, which was to be my first committed effort at writing and performing original music.


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