They were lied to;
and so, they lie to you.
They fight over a chance,
to steal what was never theirs.

But you do not believe,
in their evil disease.
You wear a diferent cloth;
you carry a different cross.

You must understand
that the pain you feel is the key that will
release you from their hold;
and give back to you, the world three fold.

You are a pearl,
my precious; cast before swine.
A diamond; lost in this world,
A treasure; I will soon find.

My queen; you are not one of them.
Be strong; and bear the pain.
My goddess; you are not one of them.
Draw signs; to help me find my way

And then I will take your hand;
and dance with you, until the end.
Forever and a day;
my love, with you, I will stay.

Copyright Soren. All rights reserved.

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Love & Dreams

Love & Dreams




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