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Spiral Garden Multimedia Production Studio

About Spiral Garden Multimedia Production Studio

OUR MISSION: To provide exceptional specialized services and support for ALL of your multimedia projects!

Multimedia projects require much more of everything than most people realize. The obstacles and roadblocks can often seem endless: not enough time, not enough knowledge, not enough skills, not the right equipment, not the right format, not the right specifications, and often enthusiasm runs out before the project is finished!

About Spiral Garden Multimedia Production Studio

My name is Soren and I own and direct Spiral Garden's Multimedia Production Studio. I don't personally own all of the equipment that is used and I don't personally do all of the work that gets done; but I do personally make sure that things gets done right!

You can think of me as your personal multimedia project manager whose primary responsibility is to help you get your project finished on time and in alignment with your creative vision. I am comfortable with any degree of creative control - or none at all. You get to define my role in relation, and in service, to your multimedia project!

Yes, it's true! I am offering you the opportunity to relax and focus on the things that are most important and/or enjoyable to you; knowing that your multimedia needs (technical, creative, or both) are being properly handled.

I encourage you to explore this web site for ideas and examples of the kinds of things that I can help you with; then contact me with your specific needs. Also, be sure to visit the classes and coaching section of this web site to find out how I can help you finish projects like books, records, movies, web sites, apps, software programs, etc.



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