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THE SPIRITUAL ATHEIST (TM) - Books, Courses, & Coaching by Soren Sorensen

The Spiritual Atheist's Perspective
I am inviting and allowing everyone to become spiritually enlightened!

I do not believe in the existence of an entity external to the universe that supposedly created and rules the universe. I believe that this is a faulty understanding of "God". Instead, I believe that "God" is the infinite and eternal universe.

Is God's body not the very universe itself? Is God's consciousness not the very consciousness that is present in all of life everywhere? Is not all of life sacred?

Said another way, I believe that the word "God" is simply a personal name that has been given to the collective personality of the infinite and eternal universe; just as your personal name is the name that has been given to your individual personality.

I also believe that the entire universe is connected, if only by the infinite and eternal flow of cause and effect at every scale; and, therefore, I believe that as we go about our lives striving to be healthy and happy, we should also be striving to help the world around us be healthy and happy.

But, ultimately, I believe that being spiritual means more than simply living according to what should be common-sense ethics; it also means balancing one's limited sense of self, self-knowing, self-guidance, etc. with one's mystical relationship to the infinite.

I believe that to the extent that one is successful in balancing one's own finite identity and significance with one's infinite identity and significance, his or her pain and fear will be replaced by authentic and unconditional love. Love of all that is, all that has ever been, and all that will ever be. In my opinion, love is the sign of true spirituality.

In love, I offer you my perspective of "spirituality".

The Spiritual Atheist TM
Books, Courses, & Coaching by Soren Sorensen

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A proud member of the
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