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The Spiritual Atheist's Perspective
I am inviting and allowing everyone to be happy!

We all want to be happy. Our dreams and desires are what we believe will make us happy. They are the very motivation of life itself; in fact, energetically, they are life itself. Unfortunately, our beliefs are not always in alignment with the truth. To make matters even worse, they are also very often in direct, or indirect, conflict with each other!

To be blunt, if you would like to be supremely unhappy, you need only refuse to accept any aspect of what appears to be true and/or refuse to forgive any aspect of that which appears to have made it so. The secret formula for unhappiness really is that simple!

Alternatively, if you would like to be supremely happy, you will need to accept all that appears to be true and forgive all that appears to have made it so and then actively appreciate "today" (the way your life is) while you simultaneously nurture an even better "tomorrow" (the way you want your life to be). Obviously, this is a bit more complicated!

And pretending will do you no good; for if you fake your truth, your results will also be fake! But, fortunately, the more you harmonize your beliefs and your actions to your true nature and to the truth of nature, the more successful your nurturing attempts will be!

Also note that individual happiness is inseparable from collective happiness, as neither can be sustained without the other. Therefore, as we go about our lives aspiring to be personally healthy and happy, we should also aspire to help the world around us be healthy and happy.

I fully realize that while these concepts are relatively easy to understand, living them can be extremely challenging. But it is a challenge that you will be well rewarded to answer!

In love, I offer you my perspective of "happiness".

The Spiritual Atheist TM
Books, Courses, & Coaching by Soren Sorensen

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A proud member of the
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