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Confession time... It turns out that I am not a very social creature. I'm much more of a recluse. That being acknowledged, I'd like to share some of my thoughts and the more meaningful moments of my life adventures with those who are interested. If you are genuinely interested, you are invited to subscribe to my email list.

Email is my primary and preferred method of communication, but I do have a limited presence on FaceBook. You are welcome to be my friend, like my page, and join the "Spiritual Atheists & Non-literal Theists" group*.

*An important note about the FB group: Although I am the creator and primary moderator of the Spiritual Atheists FaceBook group, I do not use it for the promotion of my own ideas. In fact, I rarely post anything at all. Instead, I have created it specifically for Spiritual Atheists to socialize with each other in whatever way they like. Most are kind and open.

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A proud member of the
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