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THE SPIRITUAL ATHEIST (TM) - Books, Courses, & Coaching by Soren Sorensen

Soren's Personal Interests

Personal Interests

My Wife & Daughter

Nature (obvserving life as it is)

Technology (how great can life be?)

Consciousness (awareness and acceptance)

States of Mind (happiness is my favorite!)

Nature of Life (understanding life as it is)

Change (there is nothing but change(energy(time)))

Healing (there are so many ways to release resistance)

Metaphysics (we are one and our nature is indeed mysterious)

Ancient Wisdom (perhaps the ancients had less distractions)

Modern Occultism (there are always those dedicated to truth)

Energy Behavior (I love frequency counters, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, and analog computers!)

Analog Electrical Circuits (I started programming computers in the early-mid 1980's and have long since lost interest in digital thinking!)

Radio Transmission (Modulate this which is modulating that which modulates the other. We can modulate so much more than we have!)

Audio Engineering

Music Production

Movie Production

Experiencing "dark and beautiful" art, music, and film
My musical taste is epitomized by (but not limited by) "Dead Can Dance"

Other Potentially Interesting Things

In my early 20's I restored a 1964 convertible Corvair.
Note: I'd love to have a Volvo P1800 and/or older Jaguar XJ6 Series I to play with!

Right after that, I restored a deralict home that was built in the late 1800s.

In late 1997 I went to Paris to die; but ended up claiming my life!

In early 1999 I left my home in the city and moved to a remote undeveloped forest property (beyond power, water, and developed roads), attached solar panels onto the roof of my travel trailer with duct tape, and set up a sattelite dish next to a pine tree so that I could continue my consulting business.

In my late 20's I designed and built a 47' tall pyramid to live in.

I then released four (two were much older projects) gothic/pagan rock records.

After visiting many places, I find India to be the most interesting place I've ever been.

I currently live in an "off the grid" 120sf experimental microhome that my wife and I built.

Update: We are now living in a 118 year old Victorian home that we recently restored.

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A proud member of the Alliance for a Better World
A proud member of the
Alliance for a Better World