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PLEASE NOTE: Spiritual Atheism is not a specific philosophy; it is a classification that I proposed to exist alongside "Theism" and "Atheism". Just as there are many different forms of Theism (such as Christianity and Judaism), there are many different forms of Spiritual Atheism (such as Pantheism and Buddhism). As someone interested in this topic, it is very likely that your own beliefs, theories, and speculations about existence create an unnamed personal philosophy that is a form of Spiritual Atheism. Naturally, it is extremely valuable to carefully consider a diverse array of perspectives and philosophies as you refine your own. It is with this in mind, that I offer you a portion of my own via articles, books, and courses. For various reason, I have chosen not to specifically name my own philosophy; but, rather, to simply refer to it as a form (and example) of "Spiritual Atheism".

*Naturally, I don't claim to be the first person to use the term "Spiritual Atheism" (which has been in limited use for centuries); but I do claim to have done much since the 1980s to define it and promote it via The Center for a Better World, The Center for Spiritual Atheism, and my personal work as a spiritual (wisdom) author, teacher, & life coach and alternative music recording artist.

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