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Soren's songs to be featured on MTV
-December, 2003

Well, sort of! MTV has requested (and been granted) permission to use portions of songs from The Dying Man in upcoming episodes of their TV program called MADE. So if you happen to hear a fragment of one or more of my songs while watching MTV's MADE (or any other program for that matter), PLEASE let me know when, where, and how it was used and I will be most grateful!


Soren chosen for the Circle of Five movie soundtrack
-November, 2003

It's official! Beautiful For You, The End, and Vicious Circle are all going to be prominently featured in an upcoming underground movie about vampires called Circle of Five. Keep your eyes open for the appearance of this unique story in 2004 - especially if you live in the Los Angeles area.


Soren included on the 2003 Colorado Dark Arts Festival CD
-October, 2003

The Colorado Dark Arts Collective has finally released the annual Dark Arts Festival CD for 2003. A radio mix of She Dances With Fire is included on this limited edition compilation CD that will be sold commercially, as well as distributed internationally to dark radio and club DJs.

What makes this version of She Dances With Fire cool, is that, due to a major time shortage, I only had about four hours to create this radio mix from a rough live acoustic recording of just guitar and voice! The downside is that it is a bit on the rough side. For that reason, I don't plan to release it anywhere else.


-September, 2003

In the Spring of 1999, I moved deep into the Colorado Rocky Mountains in an attempt to find greater personal peace. In MANY ways, it has been a dream come true; but at some critical point, I began to feel less peaceful with each passing day.

By now, not only do I feel the deep personal effects of physical isolation from people, places, and things; but, perhaps more importantly, I feel like I have turned my back on a suffering friend. We are one and the same!

Like many people, I used to feel that our planet would most likely destroy itself sooner or later; so why should I waste my short and precious life fighting a war that can't be won?!

But, as some of you know, I have had a change of heart.


Soren celebrates another year of Living LIFE
-August, 2003

I won't readily confess the year of my birth; but now you know that I was born under the rule of the Sun. I am a Leo. In fact, I am a double Leo.


Soren joins the Living Dead
-July, 2003

Living Dead Dolls, that is!

You absolutely must check out the Soren Living Dead Doll!


Soren releases Love & Dreams, an acoustic performance
-June, 2003

The new songs are finished! Since I know that many of you are not located anywhere near Colorado or Utah, I have decided to record my very first live performance of them (a private party) for your enjoyment. This LIMITED EDITION CD will be available at both the Colorado and Utah dark arts festivals, as well as at my web site (while supplies last). Enjoy!


Soren writes new songs for upcoming acoustic performances
-May, 2003

Amazingly, the Utah Dark Arts Festival wants me to perform acoustically. Anyone who has heard my debut album, The Dying Man, will probably be as surprised as I was to hear that news! Fortunately for all concerned, I like these kind of challenges and have been secretly searching for the right opportunity to perform some of my new songs before actually starting production on my next (studio) album. With this in mind, I have decided to perform my new songs at both the Colorado and Utah Dark Arts Festivals with just an acoustic guitar for back up. So, if you want to hear some great new dark and beautiful songs, come to one (or both) of the festivals!


Soren chosen to perform at the 2003 Utah Dark Arts Festival
-April, 2003

Don't tell anyone; but I was actually born in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a city that I understand deeply and can't wait to experience again. (It's been a long time.) I am truly touched to be chosen to perform in the city of my birth. Thank you Utah!


Soren chosen to perform at the 2003 Colorado Dark Arts Festival
-March, 2003

Believe it or not, Colorado actually has a pretty strong dark arts community. Strong enough that it is able to host this annual "by the people, for the people" event. What is really cool, is that the performing artists are not chosen by the organizers; but, instead, by the individual votes of everyone who plans to attend the festival. I am honored to be chose to perform at this dark event. Thank you Colorado!


Soren chosen for the 2003 Dark Horizons Limited Edition CD
-February, 2003

The song, Atro City, was chosen for inclusion on the Dark Horizons: A Decade of Darkness CD; which is a limited edition compilation CD that was produced specifically for Florida's Dark Horizons radio program (WMNF 88.5 FM). I just received my copy of the CD last week and I am totally happy now. Thank you Theresa!


The Year Ahead
-January, 2003

Rather than touring aggressively this year, I have decided to focus my resources on making another record and (hopefully) finishing a book ( ! THIS HAS FINALLY BEEN PUBLISHED ! ) that I started writing over 10 years ago. However, I will still perform at a few carefully chosen events this year and a whole bunch more in 2004!



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