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Forbidden Songs For Fallen Souls™

Imagine dark, almost tribal, rhythms permeated by layers of sympathetic guitars, trance-inducing synthesizers, and the most pained and powerful vocals you have ever heard. You are imagining Soren's debut album, The Dying Man.

It is the sound of endless sorrow and eternal dreams (hope). The sound of those that have rejected popular religion, government, and business; in favor of truth, harmony, and balance. It is the sound of a Fallen Soul.

Soren's songs are dripping with the evidence of insight and isolation, and so is his personal life. Soren lives and works in a pyramid (that he personally built) hidden deep within the Rocky Mountains (an hour away from the nearest gas station). In fact, The Dying Man, was written, produced, performed, and recorded inside the pyramid, by Soren himself!

The Dying Man is available at major retail outlets, including CD Baby, Amazon, and Tower Records (no longer in business).

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Soren's Forbidden Songs For Fallen Souls
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A proud member of the
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